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Rebuilding a small workbench
plane, old tools, woodwork, galoot
Some years ago I found, perhaps at a garage sale, a small (2 ft. long, 2 ft. high) workbench. It has been useful, but it was really beat up:

Looking closer at the top:

It really had to be replaced.

So I took some plywood and cut it to shape. Two slices of nice Baltic Birch and one of cheap stuff for the middle of the sandwich. I glued them together:

That is a 55 lb. anvil. In addition to its usual functions, it is quite useful as a weight for clamping.

I then sanded the edges of the pieces:

I drilled a row of dog-holes, then screwed it to the legs:

I then stained and finished the top:

I suppose I will screw the vise back onto the new top. It is covered with paint and looks terrible, but works perfectly.


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