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Folding workbench--put the top together
plane, old tools, woodwork, galoot
I have glued all three layers of the bench top together:

The back edge of the top two boards are now hard to reach because the tool tray sticks out underneath them, so before gluing them to the bottom I planed that edge smooth. I ended up using 5 different planes. Here they are, surrounded by some of the shavings they made:

To start with I used a Lee Valley scrub plane (back right). This can take off a lot material quickly but roughly . I cleaned that up with a jack plane (back center), a classic 605 Bedrock retrofitted with a Hock blade. I straightened the edge with the big (22" long) jointer plane. This is a modern Record 07, not as good as either the classic Bedrocks or the modern planes from Lee Valley and Lie-Nielsen, In my case the tungsten vanadium blade was warped. I replaced it with a Hock blade and did some general tune-up. It works quite well now.

In front are two small modern block planes, one from Lee Valley and the other from Lie-Nielsen. Both are excellent. As small planes, they get used a lot for touch-up. They really see more action than their bigger relatives. I bought the Lie-Nielsen from the Woodcraft store where wolfsword works. The Lee Valley, like the Lee Valley scrub plane and the Bedrock jack plane, were gifts from mia_mcdavid.

How do I hold the boards to plane the edge? I have some strategically place 3/4" holes in the front skirt of my work bench. A couple dowels in those will support the board(s), and I can restraint it with the front vise:

(This is a different board—not part of the folding work bench).


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