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From Science Fiction to Colgaffneyis
Glenn clann pike
Convergence is coming soon and colgaffneyis, as usual, will be well represented there. I wonder how many of my fellow members have read Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen. I read it in High School, more than 40 years ago. I was immediately fascinated by the pike-and-shot era, and soon afterwards read Oman to learn something of the real history. I have been reading more ever since. It was all started by science fiction.

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Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen

Boy, there's a name I haven't heard in decades! "It was all started by science fiction"? Was it Arthur C. Clarke who pointed out that SF readers were worrying about things fifty years before the general public?

My start was Heinlein mainly with some Clarke and Niven

Another series related to our timeline is 1632, Ring of Fire, by Eric Flint

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