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Convention Game
Pin the Disease to Jenny McCarthy

A humorous look at a very serious issue.

From Bug Girl's entertaining Con Report.

For the record: mia_mcdavid and I have two children. Both are on the autistic spectrum. T is fully autistic (non-verbal) and J has Asperger's Syndrome. Both received all the usual childhood vaccinations. We have no regrets about this.

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Actually, from an earlier report (many years ago, so I don't think I can find the documentation for this) said it was the Mercury used as a preservative that could be causing an increase in autism. Once "they" stopped using Mercury as a presevative, the claims people had of their children "changing overnight" after receiving a vaccination nearly stopped.

As far as I read no one ever said that it was solely vaccinations that were the cause of Autism, but that some parents were noticing a complete change in brain chemistry that appeared to be a reaction to vaccinating their child.

Do I believe it? Well, Mercury is not good for brain chemistry and we do try to get pregnant women to stay away from it.

Personally...I would also add Nutrisweet to a list of chemicals that should be researched to see if they are causing children's brains to not develope.

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