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Tool abuse
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I went by a garage sale this morning and scored a tool box with tools for $5.00. The box contained a Yankee push drill and two long auger bits, alone worth perhaps $40.00, and a variety of wrenches, screwdrivers, and other things. Three of the screwdrivers had chips out of the blades, as if they had been used as pry bars and the blade had broken in the process. Not a big deal. A few minutes with a bench grinder and the blades had perfectly level, if slightly shorter tips. I am puzzled by the handles on three of them;

The middle one has a wooden handle, but the top is broken off. The top and bottom screwdrivers have plastic handles. It looks like they both came in contact with something really hot and the plastic was melted. I could understand that happening once but I would have found the event sufficiently traumatic so as never to chance a repeat experience. What was the previous owner doing to mangle them so?

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Looks like it could be an electical damage. Like they used them for a grounding point.
Just my thoughts.

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