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colgaffneyis had a good weekend in Perham (Northwest Minnesota) despite a lot of rain. We got there about 6 PM Friday. The corporate tents were set up by about 8 PM, and we got our own tent up before last light — summer is coming to an end, and we have less time. We did have plenty of space for our tents, and were able to set up a very neat camp:

Trooper tents

Tavern, cook's fly, cook's tent. Trooper tents at right side.
Larger tents, including ours, were behind the trooper tents.

About noon on Saturday one patron came up to me. He had seen my "Bodger Bord" last year, and wanted to look at it again and take measurements so he could build his own. I happily obliged him. Here is what my version looks like:

Saturday afternoon was largely rained out. I took out my frustration on some chickens that mia_mcdavid had asked me to hack apart for dinner. That felt good, and the resulting stew tasted good. The evening concluded with whisk(e)y and pleasant conversation around mairi2's tent.

Sunday started with heavy rain until 7 AM, then clouds and drizzling until about 2 PM. We still had some patrons, and basil80 led a good pike drill, keeping the audience involved.

In the afternoon the weather cleared — blue sky and sunshine for the first time all weekend. We had more patrons. Our firearms attracted considerable interest. We discussed them at length but did not actually fire them. There was a Native American powwow going on nearby and we were not going to interrupt it with gunshots (which otherwise would have been perfectly acceptable — the event included a black powder rendezvous).

With the clear weather teardown and packing went well. If an event ends with dry canvas we are all happy. Our van (borrowed from a friend) was the last to leave at about 5:30 PM. We got home about 8:30.

I had Monday off. I spent most of the day unpacking and storing our gear. It was a good four day weekend.
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