Glenn McDavid (gmcdavid) wrote,
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I went through considerable trouble today to get the pikes from colgaffneyis garage and haul them to today's drill and back. mia_mcdavid helped me get them on top of the station wagon and tie them down. Just one problem: vitamin_g_prime was the only other person who showed. We chatted for a while, then went back to his and c_nocturum's house for the meeting that we have after drill. The plan was that I would give a talk there about military history and tactics in the period (c. 1630 Western Europe) that we reenact. Rather to my surprise, I know the history of the era quite well. In fact, and to my surprise and discomfort, I am one of the best informed members of the group. I had carefully prepared an outline with references, and printed out a dozen copies. I am not a good public speaker, so I had spent several hours getting this together so I could be prepared. Sometimes people show up at the meeting after drill, but nobody did this time. Both of us had other things to do, so I left and took the pikes back to the garage, then went home. A lot of wasted time, but vitamin_g_prime did get to talk about some of colgaffneyis problems, e.g. poor attendance at meetings. I suppose I will expand my outline and put it on-line for whoever might care. Most of the work is done.

I checked out a couple garage sales on the way home, spending exactly a dime. Then I got out my bicycle and went for a ride. North on Victoria to County Road E, then westward there. I turned north to cross I-35W at County Road E2 into New Brighton, and went a little further north until I was riding along the street just south of I-694. I continued westward for a while, then south on Silver Lake Road and then east towards home. My knees got really sore. Towards the end, even in a low gear, I was having trouble with quite gentle slopes.
Tags: bicycling, clann, exercise, history

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