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Old woodworking routers
Guinness Dark Side
Our friend the Tinker found an old ('70's?) Craftsman (Sears) router and router table in his garage sale wanderings and sold it to me for $10.

I have been looking at it. The router table seemed rather cheap and flimsy. While I understand the concept of a router table this does not seem to be adequate. Furthermore, it is not possible to change bits without removing the core of the router. So I unscrewed the router from the table:

It seems perfectly usable. The motor does work. It needs some basic cleaning, but that is simple enough.

This is the first electric router to enter my shop. I have two old Stanley router planes, a 271 and a 71:

They are effective, easy, and fun to use, though nowhere near as versatile as their modern (well, sort of) counterpart. I can use the old and the new.


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