Glenn McDavid (gmcdavid) wrote,
Glenn McDavid

Nose to the grindstones

I sharpened about 15 chisels today. All of my usual woodworking chisels, and a bunch that have been sitting around waiting to be prepared for use. Some were easy: Flatten the back, then run through the coarse, medium, and fine diamond honing stones on the bevel. Others were a lot harder. I need to improve my technique with the grinding wheel.

Still should do a few more chisels, and then the blades ("irons") on my usual working handplanes. Then I have a few old planes that need to be tuned up. Some of this is sharpening the irons, but there are other things to do as well. The biggest of these is making sure the sole is flat: The sole of a plane is supposed to be a geometrical plane. So I have to be able flatten a 24" inch hunk of cast iron — The sole of a Bedrock 608 plane.
Tags: tools, woodwork

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