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Making a pair of Christopher Schwarz's sawbenches has been on my woodworking to-do list for a while. Unlike Schwarz, I don't think I could build two like his in a "long afternoon".

Today I reread one of Adam Cherubini's Arts & Mysteries articles. Cherubini is a hand-tool purist, like Roy Underhill, and unlike Schwarz. This article had rough sketches of a pair of sawbenches, much simpler than Schwarz's design. In fact, they reminded me of a couple small benches I had made which were sitting in my shop. So I shortened the legs of one them so the two would be at the same height. I then cut a "ripping notch" in the other:
The three-legged bench I made on the spot from scraps at a colgaffneyis event. The other I built at home from leftovers in my shop. Total cost of materials probably under $3.

The act of sawing the ripping notch was the proof-of-concept for the whole idea. Sawbenches really are as useful as Schwarz says they are.

I may some day make fancier sawbenches, but this pair I can use now. Besides, if I do make Schwarz's sawbenches, I will have already have this pair to saw help me saw out the pieces for the new ones.


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