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Weekend notes about Clann Tartan
Glenn clann pike
The weekend got off to a bad start Friday evening: I helped colgaffneyis set up for a show in Hudson, Wisconsin (just over the St. Croix River from Minnesota). Only 4 members showed up. All of us were over 50. Apparently most of the members think you have to be eligible for AARP to do the hard physical labor of setting up camp.

This knocked me out. I could not face getting up early for the show the next day. So I skipped the opportunity of walking around in funny clothes for the public. I came out at the end of the day to help tear down the camp.

The good news is that colgaffneyis show this coming weeked was cancelled. It would have been the same four of us stuck with setup. The difference is that we would have been 300 miles from home rather than 30.

I have done my last camp setup for this season. I am thinking I should skip the first couple 2010 shows to see if younger members are seriously committed to the organization. I have plenty of other things to do with my life.

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How many showed up for the show in Hudson?

Not sure, but could the issue be traveling to Hudson and driving back? If I remember correctly no one was staying over night.

Any idea what is going on during fest?
I know I have committed to doing Renn Fest but it seems that overall participation is down.

I think there were about 10 people at the Hudson show. Less than last year.

colgaffneyis has no official presence at Fest this year. Last year we did on Highland Fling weekend.

I know the fest didn't bring CT back in this year. They wanted more paying booths.

It just seems that CT is having issues having issues getting enough warm bodies, especially male, to events during this time of year.

I won't be at fest the last weekend in order to go to BI. I had committed to that before fest changed the dates.

Certainly true about warm male bodies, and even more so if you specify young warm male bodies, who really should outnumber the old farts.

Had we not moved, I would have been there from start to finish, and the Reverend probably could have been persuaded for Saturday.

And I was all about Aberdeen, but we have to pick and choose now that there is an additional 3-4 hours between us and Clann Central.

We're trying to make plans for next year already, thinking in advance about events we want to attend. We had to be careful with a new workplace, and feel out if they'd be as flexible as the Eau Claire and Brooklyn Center stores were, but they've been very flexible with my Celtic Nations events that have come up practically last-minute in the scheme of Target time-off requests. I'm also still trying to finish my internship and we're at a critical point in the research, but that will only go until June at latest. By then I hope to be gainfully employed in my field.

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