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Fabhalscéal as Gaeilge/A fable in Irish
Guinness Dark Side
Our assignment for today was to write a fable as Gaeilge. I cannot come up with any kind of original story even in English. However, one of the vocabulary suggestions reminded me of an Eric Bogle song. I thought the secret for success in mathematics should also work in Irish.

Bhí cat duine éigin ar thaobh an bhótair. Bhí an cat marbh agus an-plánach. Ní chuimhin sé na dlíthe bóthair mór. Is cat duine ar bith é anois.

Ná conspóid le trucail. Tá an trucail cinnte a bhuachan.
Somebody's cat was by the side of the road. The cat was dead and very flat. He did not remember the laws of the highway. He is nobody's cat now.

Don't argue with a truck. The truck is sure to win.

This is obviously much shorter than the song, and the vocabulary is fairly basic. "Decapitating Tweety-birds and masticating mice" will have to wait.


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