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Irish Class, September 14, 2009

Rang Gaeilge, 14ú lá Mí Mheán Fómhair 2009

Wes was out, so we joined Will's class. We started with Teacht Google Gaeilge, imeacht tionscal an aistriucháin? This was a look at Google's computer tranlation service. Looking at the computer's results meant that this was definitely a "feel good" exercise :-)> We spent some time analyzing the mistakes it made.

fáilte ... roimhWelcome(plural) cf. fáite ... romhat
sinnwe= muid
i rith [+ gen.]during
rith sé liomit occurred to me
ghnólachtaí aistriuchaintranslation business
saorfree, cheap
saor in aiscefreein the sense of money
Corrected. Thanks, mobhlog
Ni fheadairdon't know
is cuma liom faoi doesn't matter to me about ...
ar shlíin a way
luchtgroup of peoplewith something in common
lucht éisteachaaudience
Páirtí an lucht oibreLabor party
éinneanybody← aon duine
smaoineamhthought, ideam1
fánachwandering, straying
Níl ann ach smaoineamh fánach agamsa Just a stray thought I had
luaimI mention
ceapthink, invent
cheapfainnI would thinkconditional
borradhgrowth, expansion

Just for laughs: I plugged my "fable" into Google's service:

Cat was someone on the side of the bhótair. The cat was dead and the-plánach. He remembered not the large road laws. Is it any cat person now.

Or contestation by truck. The truck is sure to win.

To be absolutely fair, I will try this again after Wes and the class have corrected my Irish.

The next part was a listening exercise: We listen to a reading of the fable An Sionnach is an Cat ("The fox and the cat"). We had the text in front of us, but many of the words were blanked out. Our task was to fill in the blanks based on what we heard. Will played the recording several times. I did not do well at this.

tíochtapproach, arrival Conn. C.O. teacht
gadhardogm1 /gair/
cleastrickm1 pl cleasa Conn. cleasanna
chomh luathas soon as
anonn is anallback and forthannon /anu:n/
trí,trídthroughsee preposition chart. Conn. thrí,thríd
castwist, turn
casadhis turnedaut.
buailhit, strike, meetbuail le meet
bhuaileadarthey hitMun. C.O.:bhuail siad
bhíodarthey wereMun. C.O.:bhí siad
dá dtiocfadh ortif you needed
muraif not
mura bhfuilif it is not
Má thagann ormif it came to me
gearrshort, shortly
faightewas gottenva
glór na ngabharvoice of the dogsNote gpl.
chomh tirim is a bhí sé as dry as it wasis ← agus
Ar ndoighof course
géagánbranch, limbgéag
ag cur a chuid cleasdoing his tricks
gach uile bhealachevery way
imearthaprankish, practised, clever
greimgrip, bite
fuarthaswas gottenPast aut. of faigh "get"
mairlive, survivev

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Funny Google translation. He he.

But I think it's "saor in aisce", not "saor is aisce".

Cheartaigh mé é. Go raibh maith agat.

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