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From Hilbert Space to Dilbert Space

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Great four day weekend!
Glenn Mia 2
I had planned to take Friday and Monday off to accomodate colgaffneyis show in Aberdeen, South Dakota. That was cancelled, to my profound relief. However, I took the vacation days anyway. It was great.

I got two extra days to sleep in. I had a lot of time for woodworking and brewing (see previous posts). There was good drinking and eating: Belgian beer Friday evening, the St. Paul farmers' market Saturday, and an Indian lunch today. We did see some of our colgaffneyis friends at Merlin's Rest, the group's monthly "Night at the Pub" later Friday night. On Sunday mia_mcdavid and I had a good time at church and did useful work there, followed by a pleasant outing with our son Tom. Irish class Monday night was interesting and inspiring.

Best of all, this was a lot of time spent with just mia_mcdavid.
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