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Irish Class--Monday Night, December 7, 2009

Rang Gaeilge, 7ú lá Mí na Nollag 2009

Five items, using the subjunctive: Blessings

  1. Go n-éirí an t-ádh leat!
    Good Luck!
    Lit: "May the luck rise with [to] you!"

    éirighrise, grow, becomeCois. /airə/ subj. n-éirí

  2. Go maire tú an lá!
    May you prosper!
    Lit: "May you survive the day!" [Apparently the Irish historical experience has set a low bar for prosperity.]

    mairsurvive, overcome, prospersubj. maire. vn maireachtáil.

  3. Go raibh maith agat!
    Thank you!
    Lit: "May you have good!"

  4. Fan go bhfeice tú!
    Wait you see!
    Lit: "Wait [until] you would see!"

    feicseevn feiceáil
    subj bhfeice
    future bhfeicfidh

  5. Go dté tú slán
    Be well!
    Lit: "May you go healthily!"

    teighgosubj. dté

Beannachtaí an tSéasúirBlessings of the season
Grianstad sonaHappy Solstice Grianstad is masc.
Nollaig shonaHappy Christmas Nollaig is fem.
Athbhliain shonaHappy New Year
Geimhreadh sonaHappy Winter
Féilefestival (religious)
folláinhealthy, wholesome
Go maire tú an lá.May you prosper this day.
Go maire sibh an séasúr.May you [pl.] prosper this season.
faoi mhaiseadorned, flourishing
An séasur faoi mhaise dhuitA flourishing season to you
Athbhliain faoi mhaise dhaoibhA flourishing New Year to you [pl.]
tusa fein, agus do theaghlachyourself and your family
lán defull of

How to form the subjunctive

  1. Eclipse the verb
    • For type I verbs:
      • If the stem ends in a slender consonant, add -e
      • If the stem ends in a broad consonant, add -a
    • For type II verbs
      • If the stem ends in a slender consonant, add -í
      • If the stem ends in a broad consonant, add -


In the last hour of class we all made up holiday cards, for our choice of a seasonal holiday, using (if possible) the subjunctive. A couple of my classmates made Christmas cards, and at least one made a Solstice card. I made a card for Newtonmas (Carols here). My artistic skills are limited, but if stick figures are good enough for xkcd, they are good enough for me :-)>

Lá breithe Isaac Newton sona dhuit!

Go dtite eolas ort!

Happy Isaac Newton's Birthday!

May knowledge fall on you!

titfallsubj dtite


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