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History notes in review
Glenn clann pike
I finally updated the web version of my "Today in Clann Tartan History" e-mails that I have been writing for colgaffneyis.

Looking back on my post about this in May, I have not been able to write something every day, especially the last two months. OTOH, I have been able to write about more than war, politics, and religious fanaticism. Newton, Galileo, and Kepler all appeared more than once (Napier is coming in April). I was also able to mention Huygens, Pascal, Mersenne, and Halley. Special events included:

On the political side, I mentioned a powerful woman who worked for peace. Also, the words of Colbert are still true today, but have never since been so elegantly phrased.

Living history is a great idea, but as a military unit of the 30 Years' War, colgaffneyis represents the worst face of European civilization at the time. I have become quite uncomfortable with this, and would prefer to present other aspects of history.


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