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From Hilbert Space to Dilbert Space

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Wind power: Myth and Reality
Carleton Goodsell
Wind Turbines and Birds: The Cuisinarts of the Skies?

Via Groomporter

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One billion birds a year die in collisions with windows? Really? That's an average of 100 birds per square kilometer, but concentrated near buildings. We'd be up to our knees in bird corpses.

Not so sure about that. That is just (roughly) 1/3 bird per day per square km. Multiply by 100 for urbanization. 30 birds/per square km per day. 80 birds per square mile per day. Take 8 blocks to the mile. 64 square blocks/per square mile. So you get just over 1 bird per square block per day. I have noticed quite a few dead birds around the downtown office building (Nowhere near the biggest in downtown Minneapolis) where I work. Since I am not looking for them there are probably many more I don't see. They just get swept up (literally) in building and street maintenance.

Usual caveats about rough estimates, but the number does not seem implausible.

Everything in perspective

I don't have the source handy but this is like the dolphin safe tuna fishing

While fewer non endangered dolphins are killed it kills 100s of endangered animals a year including sea turtles

I agree with the idea that using turbines that will kill a few would prevent the increase of plants that would kill more certainly

Sometime you just have to get a bigger perspective

Re: Everything in perspective

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