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From Hilbert Space to Dilbert Space

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Is it a language, or not??
Davidson Tartan (ancient)
Jings! Crivens! Most Scots dinnae think Scots is a language at all.

Both of my parents were linguists, so I regard this, as the Buddhists say, as "a question tending not to edification."

"A language is a dialect with an army and a navy."

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dialectical comedic materialism

"The Hun wrote:
"I think there is a very simple way to determine if a 'language' is a language or dialect. I am Hungarian and I speak English and German well, but with a heavy accent. When I talk to a native English or German speaker he or she is not offended because I do not speak with a perfect accent. On the other hand I challenge any native English speaker to go to a Scottish pub and try to speak with a Scottish accent. I bet he would not last a minute before somebody would be very offended. So in my opinion the requirement for a dialect to be regarded as a language is that a non-native speaker trying to speak it does not offend the native speakers, in other word they do not think that he is mocking them."

It's an intriguing hypothesis, but surely the perceived intention of the individual speaker, and the history of the relations between the language groups in question, are the probable sources of offense in such cases---not to mention the amount of drink taken.

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