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From Hilbert Space to Dilbert Space

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Debian 1. Ubuntu 0.
I made an unpleasant discovery after my last changes to an old Pentium 3 system running Ubuntu Linux 9.10 ("Karmic Koala"): Changing from GDM to a console logon made it unable to mount a USB drive. Something about changing the Ubuntu boot and logon sequence confused the Nautilus file manager. Nautilus is built-in on Ubuntu and other GNOME systems, but there are alternatives. Thunar, a lighter and faster program, seemed attractive for an older system like this in any case. Thunar had no trouble with the USB drive, so this old system is now working fine. This particular system is running Fluxbox, but I tried the same experiment with Thunar running under GNOME and it worked fine. Nautilus failed with the USB drives under both Fluxbox and GNOME after changing to a console logon.

I have another system here on which I just installed Debian Linux. Ubuntu is based on Debian, but somewhere in the changes the Ubuntu developers introduced a problem. On the Debian system the USB drive behaved just fine after either a graphical or a console login.