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From Hilbert Space to Dilbert Space

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Small side table
Today I built a small side table, about 16" high, for our living room:

The top was made from 2 11" pieces of 1x6 poplar, joined by pocket hole screws. It would have been simpler to use a 1x12, but I did not have any on hand. For the legs I took some lengths of 1x2 poplar and glued them together to 2x2's, for the same reason. I cut these into 16" lengths. The skirts are 6 1/4" inch lengths of birch. I bought some of that on sale at Rockler a couple weeks ago.

The main art of this was that I tapered the legs, so they are smaller at the bottom and the piece looks lighter. Norm Abram would do this with a table saw, but I do not have such a tool. I tried using a hand ripsaw, but that was difficult to steer accurately. I ended up using a scrub plane to remove most of the mass and then cleaned it up with my Bedrock 605 plane (both gifts from mia_mcdavid). I sanded all the parts with a random-orbit sander.

I did the joinery with pocket hole screws. Not traditional, but strong and fast and easy to build. Looking at the inside:

I am going to stain it to a darker brown, to even out the various shades of poplar and birch and to go along with the other side tables in the living room.

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What simple elegance! Wow.

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