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Coming this weekend
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Hand Tool Event at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design

From Lie-Nielsen's Facebook page

This weekend's Hand Tool Event will be at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We will have Mike Siemsen and the Society of American Period Furniture Makers doing demonstrations, as well as the Lie-Nielsen staff. Admission is, as always, free, so please come and try out the tools!
So at some level this is a Lie-Nielsen infomercial. However,

  1. Lie-Nielsen tools are modern versions of traditional woodworking tools. In, fact they quite closely based on historical models. So the techniques presented will be applicable to hand planes, chisels, saws, etc. from other sources, as I noticed in some of their videos.
  2. Lie-Nielsen tools really are that good!
The problem, of course, comes from (2): They are priced accordingly. I may leave my credit cards behind to save myself from temptation.

Also, I have seen one of Mike Siemsen's presentations. I am looking forward to learning from him again.


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