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Updates on life
Mia Glenn Brittany church auction
I have not posted much about my personal life lately. The big change is, as mia_mcdavid has posted is that carpe_noctum_93 has joined our household, as our foster daughter. There are a lot of challenges, but we are coping with them, and enjoying our life with her. There is quite a story behind this, but LJ is not the place to tell it.

I seem to posting more about science, especially astronomy, and less about Clann Tartan (colgaffneyis). The change in our family situation means that I have less time for that group, but there also something else going on. Right now the organization really needs men to portray 17th century soldiers. That is the way things are, but I am not enthusiastic about it. Over the past year I have read a lot about that century in Western Europe. The works of Galileo, Kepler, and Newton are among the best things to come out of Western Europe in that period. This has rekindled my interest in the mathematical sciences. In contrast, the 30 Years' War may be the worst thing that happened there during the century. E.g. a third of the German population was killed. Most of the Scots who went to fight on the continent never came back. I prefer to think positively :-)>

I am still interested in traditional crafts, especially woodworking, and in the Gaelic culture of the Scottish Highlands and Ireland. I also still like the primitive camping (within limits :-)> ) However, for me playing soldier is something I do for access to the other things Clann Tartan does, and to help support the organization. By itself it does not do much for me. It is a duty and not a pleasure.


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