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From Hilbert Space to Dilbert Space

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An old knife: rust removal
plane, old tools, woodwork, galoot
Someone was about throw away an old Swedish knife because it was rusty, but our friend the Tinker rescued it. He gave it to me. It certainly was rusty:

I decided to use electrolysis to remove the rust. So I set up the zap tank:

I did this on the back porch because the process emits Hydrogen, and I did not want to re-enact the last flight of the Hindenburg at this time :-)>

Two and a half hours later the rust was gone:

I will use some steel wool and oil to clean it up some more. Then I will refinish the handle, sharpen the blade, and make a sheath.

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WOOOOOHOOO! You are awesome! :D Wish the freakin' pics would show, though. :/

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