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Monday night Irish class, April 12, 2010

Rang Gaeilge, 12ú lá mí Aibreáin 2010

Fabhalscéal as Gaeilge / A fable in Irish

First draft here. This is the revision with suggestions from Wes taken as September 21, 2009. I should have realized that Irish loan-words from English would follow British English usage. Additonal corrections per Wes on April 12, 2010.

This is based on Eric Bogle's song Nobody's Moggy Now (Lyrics), but is nowhere near as funny.

Bhí cat duine éigin ar thaobh an bhótair. Bhí an cat marbh agus an-leata. Níor chuimhin leis na dlíthe bóthair mhóra. Ní chat duine ar bith é anois.

Ná cuir troid ar leoraí. Buafaidh an leoraí go deimhin.
Somebody's cat was by the side of the road. The cat was dead and very flat. He did not remember the laws of the highways. He is nobody's cat now.

Don't argue with a truck. The truck is sure to win.

Including more phrases from the song would be an interesting challenge :-)>

cat duine éiginsomeone's catCois. eicínt. duine gs. same as nom.
cuir troid ar dhuinepick a fight with someone/trod/, tred/
buaighwin, gain/bu:ə/ fut. Buafaidh /bu:əhə/
Is liomsa an leabharI own the book.
Is cuimhin liomI remember
Ní cuimhin liomI don't remember
Tá cuimhne agamI remember
Níl cuimhne agamI don't remember

A theme of the evening was that a lot of statements/questions can be phrased with and an adjective or alternatively with is (the copula).

Fiche Ceisteanna (20 Questions)
An bhfuil sé níos mó ná bosca aráin?Is it bigger than a breadbox?
An bhfaightear é sa teach?Can it it be found (lit. "gotten") in the house? pres. aut. of faigh /wait'i:r/, /wi:t'i:r/
An bhfuil sé de dhéantús an duine?Is it man-made?
An uirlis é?Is is a tool?uirlis "tool" is f2, but we use é rather than í to refer to the unknown object. It defaults to masculine.
An bhfuil sé daonna?...An duine daonna é?Is it human? ... Is it a human being?
An bhfuil sé deanta as miotal,... adhmad,... éadach?Is it made from metal,... wood,... cloth?
An bhfuil sé inite?... An itear é?Is is edible?... Is it eaten?ith "eat". vn ithe. va inite. pres.aut. itear
An bhfuil sé leitreach?Is is electric?
An mbaineann sé úsáid as leictreachas?Does it use electricity?Lit. "Does it extract usage from electricity?"
bain úsáid as ruduse somethingLit. "extract usage from something"
bain ... amachreach [a location], arrive at
Bhain mé an scoil amach.I arrived at the school.
in amannasometimes


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