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From Hilbert Space to Dilbert Space

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Monday night Irish Class, April 19, 2010

Rang Gaeilge, 19ú lá mí Aibreáin 2010

Emphatic prepositional pronouns
(non-emphatic form)
agamsaat meagam
liomsawith meliom
leisewith himleis
aigesanat himaige (note that aigesan breaks the most basic spelling rule in Irish)
aiceseat heraici

Wes presented five items as of old. These were questions as Gaelige which we answered. Wes did not write the questions on the board, and I could not transcribe them completely. So these notes will be rather brief.

céimdegree, rank, versionf2
teochtheat, temperaturef3 gs teochta
a chuirfidh túthat you will put/plant...C.O. future in relative clause. Cois. a chuirfeas
faitíosfear, apprensionm1
airecare, attention, cautionf4
Bhí aire ormI was careful
gabhargoatm1 /gaur/
gadharbeagle, hunting dogm1 /gair/
nuair a bhí mé ógwhen I was young
caithspend, wear out, consume, throw, ....
lá amadán AibreáinApril Fool's day