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From Hilbert Space to Dilbert Space

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Video of the Galactic Center
I saw this on How The Universe Works Sunday evening. Andrea Ghez and her team have made one of the coolest science videos I have ever seen.

As Cosmic Variance notes:

This shows the orbits of stars around our galactic center. This isn’t an artist’s conception. This isn’t some abstraction of other data. This is a real movie of stars circling the black hole over the last 15 years. In particular, watch S-02. It loops around the black hole, and closes its orbit; we have watched it over one full S-02 “year”. It is an incredible feat of observational astronomy to make these movies. It requires adaptive optics on the largest telescopes in the world (the Keck telescopes on Mauna Kea). We used to think of the heavens as eternal and unchanging. Now we watch movies of stars orbiting black holes.