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Wool Waulking at the Minnesota Scottish Fair
Glenn Mia 2
On Saturday we were part of colgaffneyis contingent at the Minnesota Scottish Fair and Highland Games. mia_mcdavid had just woven a 15 yard length of tartan, a custom commission for our friend AC. Here is Mia, wrapped up in her work.

As on previous occasions Mia had organized a traditional waulking of the tartan she had woven:

Mia is wearing the straw hat. On her left is our foster daughter, carpe_noctum_93. On Mia's right is Katherine Grant, an expert on waulking songs who led the singing: Our ban dhuan "song woman". She is very talented and it is always a delight to work with her.

Here is an 18th drawing of a waulking, from Wikimedia Commons:

Here is the tartan fabric after waulking and blessing, wrapped on a board:

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Interesting! In the photo the women were waulking with their bare feet; it would keep your hands out of it. Note that the board is a special, ridged waulking board, to make the business go faster; we only had our flat tabletops.

Also, can it be that these women are all wearing the arisaid as their primary garment? They seem to be...

Re: Waulking drawing

The earliest depiction of an arisaid is the top left figure here, dating from the early 1600's. In the source it is paired with the top right image on this page, which I have discussed. The rest is an exercise for the reader :-)>

It was a good event. Glad I could share it with you guys. I had a blast. *Hugs*

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