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From Hilbert Space to Dilbert Space

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Monday night Irish class, May 24, 2010

Rang Gaeilge, 24ú lá Mí na Bealtaine 2010

This was an all-class event. All four classes met together in the room of the elementary class, the teacher of which was wearing a T-shirt that said "Craic Addict". The first part of the class was taken up by a crossword puzzle as Gaeilge and another puzzle where the object was to guess the Irish word from a hint in English. The class was broken up in groups of about 5 students. Each group contained a mix of students from the various classes. The elementary students actually worked the puzzles, while the more advanced students acted as resources and provided additional hints. We also passed on various sneaky tricks words of wisdom about how to learn the language.

porttune, jigm1
píbpipe, bagpipe
feadógtin whistlef2
ceolfhoireannorchestraf2 lit. "music team"
bannaband [of musicians]m4
bunbasem1 (of a hill, tree, etc.)

During the second half of the class Jode Dowling, one of the founders of the Center for Irish Music spoke to us about that organization. In some ways its history parallels that of Gaeltacht Minnesota. I was interested to learn that whole Twin Cities Irish cultural scene (language, dance, and music) is doing well and there is much more activity than there was 20 years ago.