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From Hilbert Space to Dilbert Space

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More on the Minnesota Scottish Fair
Davidson Tartan (ancient)

The wool waulking, which I wrote about before, was the high point of the event for me. Some of my friends from Gaeltacht Minnesota came to watch it, and I enjoyed talking to them. I also reconnected with the Clan Davidson society and renewed my membership. mia_mcdavid and I looked at the vendors, but all we bought was a small knife for carpe_noctum_93 and a book for twolodge.

The weather was much more exciting than we had expected. From late morning into the early afternoon it was a bit chilly, with high winds and occasional showers. The cold was fine with me: Dressing for the Little Ice Age in the era of global warmings presents some challenges. The camp ran well. I did my duty there washing the breakfast dishes. Lunch was somewhat late, but I was able to eat in time for the waulking, which happened on time in its designated place. Unlike much of colgaffneyis leadership, mia_mcdavid actually took the schedule serviously.

colgaffneyis purports to reenact a military organization, but currently our civilian "camp" life is thriving while the military struggles (this is actually OK with me). Some members have said they would like to see more emphasis on 17th century military activities. However, they need to do more than talk. While the captain and three of the corporals were present at the event, the only military activity was the noon parade with all the other organizations. Neither the morning nor the afternoon drill occurred, although they were scheduled for the event. In the morning wolfsword, vitamin_g_prime, and I (privates all) were able to improvise some activity with halberd, musket, and pike for our visitors, but vitamin_g_prime had to leave before the afternoon drill. "An army of one" is not a 17th century concept. If our captain and corporals want more military activities, they need to take charge of them. I recognize that the captain had some schedule conflicts, but with three corporals present somebody could have been deputized. Or one of the corporals could have shown some initiative. This was a scheduled, contracted event. The military leadership, unlike that of the camp, failed in its responsibilities.

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I was really disappointed that we had only one man (you) upstanding for our afternoon dance set. It was a published, scheduled part of our responsibilities. Some folks don't dance, and that's OK, but there were a lot of folks there and we should have been able to get up a two-couple set.

OTOH, kudos to Dave, the new guy, who stepped up with no training at all and did a very creditable job of filling in.

As a side note, the slogan "An Army of One" wasn't the actual slogan - the slogan was "An Army of ONE". It was a poor attempt at humor. ONE in this case is an acronym for Officers, Non-commissioned Officers, Enlisted. But if you didn't know that it WAS an acronym, like 99% of civies and 90% of the Army, it looked anti-team.

THANK YOU for explaining this! I'm one of the 99% of civx...

As for drill, when it got close to 3pm I did a quick head count and all I could see was you, twolodge, and myself. An "army of three" still dose not work, plus we had a good size crowd in camp.
I suppose I could "drafted" from the crowd to fill in ranks of pike men, but still maybe we start to down play the military thing if we can not staff it.
But that is me speaking.


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