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Ethiopian food and Belgian beer
Mia Glenn Brittany church auction
At the Blue Nile Restaurant in Minneapolis. mia_mcdavid and I took our foster daughter, carpe_noctum_93 there for her 17th birthday, along with our son James. It was her choice and it was great.

Here is the serving plate, early in the meal:

You can see mia_mcdavid's fingers in the upper right corner.

The beer list is impressive. I ordered a sampler of 4 4 oz. servings, since I wanted to try several brews and still be able to drive home:

From left to right:

  1. North Coast Brother Thelonius

  2. Surly Cynic

  3. Delirium Tremens

  4. Unibroue Trois Pistoles

All were good, although if I had to pick just one to drink with a meal I would choose the Cynic. The others are more what mia_mcdavid calls "dessert beers".

It was a wonderful time with a great family. The quote of the evening is from carpe_noctum_93, looking at the peppers in the Hoolaa Akaawii, said "they're only jalapeños." I see Thai and Szechuan restaurant outings in our future.
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