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New Sawbench
plane, old tools, woodwork, galoot

I finished a new sawbench today. It is on the left. The picture was taken somewhat before I finished. The main change is that I have since added a board between the lower stretchers to serve as a shelf. On the right is a sawbench that I made before.

The new bench is more stable. The splayed legs are better designed, angling more outward from the long axis of the bench. They are also better executed, having more consistent angles for all four legs. This is a skill I will need for making Windsor chairs, which is something I want to try.

The top board was made by joining a 2x4 with a 2x6, both slightly trimmed. Hence the difference in appearance between the sides. I could easily have bought a 2x8 at Home Despot, but I had these pieces sitting around and I wanted to practice edge joining boards.


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