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Wine for reading
Getting Amazon Kindle for PC running in Ubuntu under Wine

There are several versions of these instructions out on the web. I chose this version because it

  1. was detailed
  2. had specific details for Ubuntu
  3. was current (01/08/10 is a European style date, as you can see from the other entries here).

The instructions worked and I have Kindle for PC up and running on Ubuntu 10.04. It felt somewhat unnatural to specify Windows 98 as the OS version, but I will get over that :-)>

This was my first taste of wine. It went down easily and I think I want more :-)>

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What are you running it on? Your palmtop?

No, my Ubuntu Linux desktop. Not the most comfortable place for casual reading, but fine for proof of concept and stepping through the configuration process. I think I will also install it on my EeePC netbook (it is free).

There is a Kindle version for the Blackberry. I tried to install it, but it requires a more powerful version of the device than I have.

Done yesterday (20100904 Sa)

User mdlbear referenced to your post from Done yesterday (20100904 Sa) saying: [...]
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