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From Hilbert Space to Dilbert Space

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Not a day of rest
I took some electronics into the Hennepin County recycling center (which those of us next door in Ramsey County can also use). There were

  • 2 computers (obsolete P3's)

  • 4 CRT monitors

  • 3 keyboards

  • 3 mice

  • 1 FAX machine

  • 1 VCR

"Yes, Ma'am, all that really is just my family's stuff"— Absolutely true! They took it.

Since I was in the neighborhood, I stopped in at Woodcraft. I lustfully fondled a new Stanley #62. It felt really good, but I did not buy it. The initial release got a bad review from Christopher Schwarz ("Never buy release 1.0"). The latest ones are supposed to be better, but I have not heard now they compared to their counterparts from Lie-Nielsen and Lee Valley — the Gold Standard in modern hand planes.

Our foster daughter, carpe_noctum_93 was down in Albert Lea with mia_mcdavid at a colgaffneyis event, so I proceeded with some furniture rearrangements in her room that we had planned. This was a lot of work, but she did appreciate the results when they got back tonight. I felt like one of the designers on Trading Spaces.

In the evening I was able to sort of the clutter in my workshop. A few more hours (Ha!) and it may be really in good shape for the next project.

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FYI Ralph gave them the once over and did like them, 7 thousands off of true, and put in a call with them about this, we still are waiting for a reply.

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