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Kindle, Nook, and iPad
Kindle 3G vs Nook Color Brief Feature Review

Which is better? It is not obvious. You have to do it the hard way. Go down the list of features and decide which matter most to you.

Also see Why the Nook Color has a shot at being a better 'eReader' than the Kindle

You'd never pick Nook Color over Kindle for reading, but you might pick it when buying

There's this HUGE paradox.

If you owned both, and there was adequate lighting (or a Kindle Lighted Cover) you'd ALWAYS pick the Kindle for reading books.

At the same time, there's just no way you could tell, when looking at them side by side for the first time, that the Kindle is better for reading, lets you focus on reading, and will get you to read more.

Nook Color is a salesman’s dream – Whether going up against Kindle or iPad.

Nook Color is what the iPad was trying to be – when it comes to reading

You might argue that everything stated in favor of Nook Color, holds true for iPad. It doesn't. Nook Color is a much better size, it's slightly better for glare than iPad, it's half the price, and it has MUCH better screen resolution.

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