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Politics and the AntiVaccination Movement
From Why the 'Prius Driving, Composting' Set Fears Vaccines

I talked to a public health official and asked him what's the best way to anticipate where there might be higher than normal rates of vaccine noncompliance, and he said take a map and put a pin wherever there's a Whole Foods. I sort of laughed, and he said, "No, really, I'm not joking." It's those communities with the Prius driving, composting, organic food-eating people.

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This doesn't surprise me in the least. But, of course, I live in Powderhorn with an autistic kid, so I've had my share of DEEPLY FRUSTRATING conversations.

It makes me very frustrated with my peers. With their economic advantages, they have no excuse to be so superstitious.

I doubt it's the apparently spurious vaccine-autism link that leads people to this position, but rather the general phenomenon of overmedicalization.

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