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Scottish Ramble

This past weekend mia_mcdavid and I were part of colgaffneyis group at the Scottish Ramble, held at the Landmark Center in St. Paul.

Highland Dancers at Ramble Scottish Ramble
Highland Dancers at RambleVendors at Scottish Ramble

colgaffneyis gave some presentations in Room 430, the Chief Justice Room. This was somewhat isolated, but a lovely place.

Chief Justice Room, Landmark CenterChief Justice Room, Landmark Center
Chief Justice Room, Landmark Center Chief Justice Room, Landmark Center
Solon Pericles.  Chief Justice Room, Landmark Center
Cicero Justinian.  Chief Justice Room, Landmark Center

On Saturday the Highland Dance competition finished early, and colgaffneyis was asked to fill the empty time slot on the main stage. We did a demonstration of 17th century pike drill, a dance presentation, and mia_mcdavid, with the help of a victim volunteer from the audience, gave a presentation on how the belted plaid/great kilt was worn.

During the ceremonies on Sunday there was nobody to lead "Flower of Scotland" and the singing faltered. mia_mcdavid was the only person on the podium singing loudly and clearly, so she was pushed forward to the mike and saved the day.

On both days at this event I gave a presentation on

Scottish Mercenaries: For several centuries, notably between 1500 & 1700, mercenary soldiers were one of Scotland's most important exports. Today we look at where they fought, how they were armed, what were their motivations, and the consequences for British history.

This went OK on Saturday, but Sunday was better. Because of the weather (a major snowstorm) attendance was way down all day, and I only had two people in the audience. However, they were obviously interested, and asked questions. This led to discussion. This interactive format was much more fun. We let the discussion go wherever they wanted it to go. This was fine with me: My objective was to get people interested in the history. Exactly what details we touched on at the time does not really matter in the greater scheme of things.

Here are two of the posters I used as visual aids:

Scottish Mercenary Timeline: 1300-1500 AD
Scottish Mercenary Timeline: 1300-1500 AD
Scottish Mercenary Timeline:  1500-1700 AD
Scottish Mercenary Timeline: 1500-1700 AD

The 3rd was simply a map of Europe. I plan to clean up my notes and post them and a bibliography. If I find myself doing this sort of thing on a regular basis I can make PowerPoint/Impress slides, and bring a laptop, projector and screen. The latter two items will require something resembling real money, so I am a little bit hesitant about this.

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