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Home alone
On Sunday morning mia_mcdavid and our son James left here for a road trip. They drove to Michigan, to see Mia's mother and other relatives. I have been alone here, except for the cat, who apparently regards me primarily as her servant. So what have I been doing?

Sunday late morning: Church.

Sunday afternoon: Aftermath of the Scottish Fair. Setting out wool and canvas to dry in the sun. Putting away camping gear. Doing laundry.

Sunday evening: More laundry. Homework for Monday's Irish class.

Monday—Friday daytime: Work.

Monday evening: Irish Class.

Tuesday evening: Writing up my notes from Irish class. Finished putting away camping gear. Still more laundry (we took home a lot of mud from the Scottish Fair). Finished reading Collapse of the Bronze Age.

Wednesday evening: Worked late on an Oracle database problem. Started reading The Sea Peoples.

Thursday evening: Worked late on the same Oracle database problem. Watered Mia's plants. Went for a walk: I missed my lunch hour walk because of the Oracle issue.

Looking ahead:

Friday evening: Colgaffneyis Night at the Pub.

Saturday morning: Sleep in. Errands.

Saturday afternoon: Colgaffneyis quarterly business meeting.

Saturday evening: Mia and James return.

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I have Collapse of the Bronze Age in my Amazon shopping basket, and may one day get around to ordering it. The later parts of Orestes actually hinge on the Bronze Age collapse.

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