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Monday Night Irish Class, October 24, 2011

Rang Gaeilge, an 24ú lá Mí Dheireadh Fómhair 2011

Will was out, so we joined Mary's class for the evening. Mary was also out at another class for the first 45-50 minutes. This was prearranged, and JS and I had been asked to run the class in her absence. I was a little scared of this, but it actually was OK.

We started with a drill based on chapter 44 of Buntus Cainte. We practised the past tense forms, independent and dependent, of the teigh "go", including indirect speech, e.g.:

  • Chuaigh sé go dtí an siopa.
  • An ndeachaigh sé go dtí an siopa?
  • Ní dheachaigh sé go dtí an siopa.
  • Nach ndeachaigh sé go dtí an siopa?
  • Deir sé go ndeachaigh sé go dtí an siopa.
  • Deir sé nach ndeachaigh sé go dtí an siopa.

We read Perfecting His Irish on the Job, and per Mary's request, we copy-edited the Irish in the article. There were several mistakes, e.g. the first greeting should be "Cé hé Cén chaoi a bhfuil tú?"

After Mary came back we did some more work with teigh and some weather conversation.

ar ndoighof course
riamnever, never
bolgbelly, stomachm1
Bhí sí ag deanamh bolg-le-gréin.She was sun-bathing, gréin is ds(!) of grian "sun"
gealltaforecast, promised


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