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From Hilbert Space to Dilbert Space

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Iced cherry tree
Mia Glenn Windycon
We are back to something like normal early spring weather in Minnesota, which means the temperature may drop below freezing. I have not looked up how low it got last night, but as of 7AM this morning it was 25oF/-3oC.

We have a cherry tree in the front yard. mia_mcdavid set up a garden hose to sprinkle it during the night. The idea was that the running water would keep the blossoms from freezing. It might not have worked, but the results this morning were visually impressive :

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Update: Tree is straightening nicely; it's pelting ice and water underneath. The petals look sad and brown, but it's the ovaries that I care about, and it's way too early to tell if they made it. Note that there's a branch off to the left that missed the spray for a control.

Encouragingly, there are already bees at the newly de-iced blossoms!

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