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From Hilbert Space to Dilbert Space

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Minnesota Scottish Fair and Highland Games
Davidson Tartan (ancient)
Last Saturday, May 19, 2011. Pictures here. As in 2010, Katherine Grant was our ban dhuan "song woman" — leader of the waulking songs.

The weather was somewhat on the warm side, but the wind made it bearable. However it was also a constant threat to our tents. We drove through some heavy rain on the way home, but all of the canvas was dry and packed well before it started.

I made a mistake while packing on Friday: I left behind 2 of the 19 wooden pieces for our tent. Fortunately, I brought along some carpentry tools and extra wood, so I was able to improvise substitutes.

twolodge did a great job leading sword demonstrations, which were very popular. I assisted him with them, which is why I do not have any pictures of this part of the event.