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Rust removal again
Glenn clann pike

Another year has past, and thanks to our midwestern summer humidity, I again faced the challenges of Maintaining Gaffneyis Gear. However, I managed to improve my process somewhat.

Again I soaked the pike heads in vinegar. This time I simply positioned them vertically in a bucket:IMG-20120728-00077

To make sure they would not fall over I did this in front of our garage, where there is a basketball hoop that proved to be convenient.IMG-20120728-00078 I am 61 years old and I still do not use my toys in the way they are intended :-)>

IMG-20120728-00079Here the pike head on the left has been just removed from the vinegar. The one on the right has been cleaned with a wire brush attachment on an electric drill. I repeated this for all of the pike heads,

I let the pikes dry in the summer sun: IMG-20120728-00080

I wrapped the pike heads in some rags that had been soaked in oil: IMG-20120728-00081

Finally I put some plastic bags over the rag-covered pike heads: IMG-20120728-00082


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