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From Hilbert Space to Dilbert Space

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2012: Ending with a whimper
I left work early on December 27, not feeling well. I have had a bad cold ever since. mia_mcdavid has it as well. Stuck at home ever since. We have cancelled all social events. It is now past midnight in New Brunswick, Canada. Since that is a place in North America I have been, albeit more than 1/2 century ago, I think I can call it 2013 and go to bed.
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New Year's Eve and Day

M. and I actually managed to stay up till midnight Central time this year. I pulled the Midnight Special up on the computer and let the countdown cacophony take us out, although the cacophony seems to have been, um, enhanced (digitally no doubt), so you didn't lose much there. It produced a certain degree of crossness here.

Hope the bad colds have run their course. You were missed at First Footing.

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