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From Hilbert Space to Dilbert Space

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Monday Night Irish Class, July 28, 2014

Rang Gaeilge, 28ú lá Mí na Iúil 2014

Le Meas ...

Part of our homework was to write "... a script for a short clip ... to be used at a dating site! But it isn't about you, pick a famous person, dead or alive." Here is my effort:

Dia dhuit! Inseoidh mé cupla rud fúm féin:

Is mise an captaen loinge réaltaí Enterprise.

  • Is maith liom taiscéaladh domhan aisteach nua.
  • Is maith liom cuardach saol nua.
  • Is maith liom dul go dána go háiteanna atá ní fhaca aon duine sula.
  • Is maith liom mná ó gach cine, daonna agus thar.
  • Ní maith liom an Phríomhtreoir.

Le meas .... James Tiberius Kirk

Translation and notes

Hello! I will tell you a couple things about myself.

I am the captain of the StarShip Enterprise. [Long réaltaí "ship of stars." (loinge is the genitive) I made this up. The closest my dictionaries had was spásárthach "spacecraft," which seems really inadequate.]

  • I like exploring strange new worlds. [Domhan "world" follows the verbal noun taiscéaladh, so we actually have a genitive plural here, which happens, as a "weak plural" to be the same as the nominative singular. A similar process affects the adjective"aisteach "strange."]
  • I like searching for new life.
  • I like going boldly to places that no one has seen been before. ["go where no man has gone before" is apparently tricky to render in Irish.]
  • I like women of every race, human and beyond.
  • I do not like the Prime Directive

Respectfully .... James Tiberius Kirk

Rudaí eile

dúshlánchallenge, defiancem1
brístrength, vigor, significance, meaning, resolutionf4
líofaground, sharpened, fluent, eager, speedya
iasachtlending, borrowing, loanf3
teanga iasachtaforeign language

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"dating site . . . captaen . . . Enterprise"

Did not need even to glance at the glossary (let alone to have any Gaelic) to get an immediate laugh out of this opening sequence. Thanks!

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