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From Hilbert Space to Dilbert Space

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Monday Night Irish Class, May 11, 2015

Rang Gaeilge, 11ú lá mí na Bealtaine 2015


martcow (meat)
mairteoilbeefmart + feoil f3
Má fheiceann tú ceann na muice ar an mart, ná haithris é.You don't have to talk about every strange thing you see"if you see a pig's head on a (beef) cow, don't talk about it."
bodachchurl, lout
An BodachOrion [the constellation]
Cuartú an bhodaigh ar an láir agus é ar a barr ina shuí.The thing you are looking for is right under your nose."The lout is searching for the mare, and he is sitting on her back."

Direct Relative Clauses

Original sentences are reflected in order in the combined sentence:
  • Feicim fear. Tá an fear amaideach.
  • Feicim an fear atá amaideach.
The order gets switched around:
  • Bhí madra agam. Chaill mé an madra.
  • Chaill mé an madra a bhí agam.
Split and embed:
  • Cheannaigh bean mo charr. Tá an bhean sean.
  • Tá an bhean a cheannaigh mo charr sean. "The woman who bought my car is old"
  • Not splitting gives Tá an bhean sean a cheannaigh mo charr. (sean directly modifies bean) "The old woman who bought my car is." This is an incomplete sentence: No predicate for "is."

  • Pósfaidh fear mé. Tá an fear ina chónaí i dTexas.
  • Tá an fear a phósfas mé ina chónaí i dTexas.