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From Hilbert Space to Dilbert Space

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Monday Night Irish Class, June 13, 2016

Rang Gaeilge, 13ú lá Mí na Mheiteam 2016


Chíonn beirt rud nach bhfeiceann duine amháin.Two people see what one person does not.

From Will:

That Chíonn is an alternate form of Feiceann, found widely in the North, but also used by some Munster speakers. It's a bit odd to see nach bhfeiceann in the same utterance. In class, I observed that I haven't run into forms like Nach gcíonn at all, but Dineen's dictionary says that that can happen.

Nonetheless, other sources indicate that modern usage is to use feic- forms with particles. That is, Chíonn sé, but Ní fheiceann sé.
foigid = foighepatience
cinniúntdestiny, fate
Buann an fhoigid ar an gcinniúntPatience wins over destiny

Past Relative Clauses

  1. An fear a thug an t-airgead.

  2. An bhean a chuala tú

  3. An fear a labhairt na focail

  4. An bhean atá ard

  5. An fear a bhris an fhuinneog

  1. An fear a dtug siad airgead dó

  2. An bhean a raibh imni uirthi

  3. A fear ar labhairt mé leis

  4. An scannán ar bhreathnaigh an bhean air.

líonfill, full measurem1