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Monday night Irish Class, July 23, 2018

Rang Gaeilge, 23ú lá Mí na Iúil 2017

Na Déithe Luachmhara Deiridh (tuilleadh)

le Padraic Breathnach

    House Curran, house Bairéad, house Either and Flaherty. They were in them now.

    House Curran was the newest house, the one with any resouces at all that remained, [devil'person. They struck with them , the house built in only a couple years, but they now stayed overseas. The ground and the house sold by Colin Bairéad.

    Martin James's (the other Bairéad) was a strong house. Long grass and uncultivated putting stick/mark. White cotton-grass and sedge woiuld be inside the garden bars. Martin James himself, the creature, in Ballinasloe for years and there wasn't a sould to be seen there

    Bridget Ní Eithir on the height to the south, of an age greater than herself.

    díobhfrom/off them
    B'in a raibhThat was all
    B'in a raibh ann díobh anoisthat was all of them now??
    ba nuaíwas newest
    gustalresources, means, wealth
    fanstay, wait, remainva fanta
    Cé a bhí fantathat remained [?}
    gread Strike (violently or repeatedly); lash, thrash; drub, trounce
    lonnaighStop, stay; sojourn, settle
    thar sáileoverseas
    bológstrong, heavily built
    bairéadachblack guillemot[a seabird]
    fásachwaste, uncultivated, deserted
    lorgaStaff, stick; club, cudgelf
    ceannbhánbog-cotton; cotton-grassm gs npl ceannbháin
    sléachtadhGenuflection; prostration. m
    barrabarm pl barraí
    bhíodhused to be
    iontuin them
    Béal Átha na SluaigheBallinasloe
    deoraíStranger, wanderer; exile
    Ní raibh duine ná deoraíthere wasn't a soul

  • Only a bump path into beyond it. stone obstacles all the way. Without them blessing together all this season. A long dress to the ankles and top-boots were on Bridget in the same manner as herself. A shawl at times in the same manner as herself. She had a way through gardens and steps in the dike with short was a long time apart beyond her house unless something to be taken inside. She had a long way now, rising up against her.

    Bridget's husband died a long time ago like her own. Sean, B's son, in England. Mary, the daughter she had, dead.

    Only these frail old ones stayed now in the old [plow] hillocks. THillock of the lake, she said with fondness. Cracks in the houses. Would not turn greater. The blood of E in death the same as the blood of Flaherty

    thairsitover it, beyond itthar
    starragánobstacle, obstruction; Rough, uneven groundm gs npl starragáin
    ar a fhuidall the way [?]
    oireadamount, length
    beannúblessing, greeting
    fadlength, duration
    Gan iad oireadwithout them
    dá chéileeach other
    gúnadress, gown
    fearacht Like, as, in the manner of
    scaití[at] times
    céimstep; degree; rank; ...
    claíocha = claíDike, wall; fence
    gairidshort (space, duration)
    ó chéileapart, from each other
    muraif not, unless
    rud éigin a tabhairt isteachsomething to take inside
    buailte suaslaid up, against
    í ag éirí bualite suasrising up against her
    fearacht Like, as, in the manner of
    deireoil = DEARÓILFrail, feeble; puny, insignificant
    fanstay, wait, remainva fanta
    B'iad na seandeireoilí seo amhainOnly these frail old ones
    treabhplow; till, cultivate; occupy, inhabit
    tulachLow hill; hillock, moundf gs tulaí
    práinnLiking, fondness; pride, delight; Hurry, rush; urgent need, exigencyf
    treibhHouse; homestead, farmsteadf gs treibhe
    fillBend, turn back; fold; return
    móidemore, pluscomp of mór
    gabhtake, catch;go

  • The blood of Flaherty was healthy three. It was given care. God to us, it was given care

    A chicken began cawing, announcing the laying of an egg. Would shout strength. A call as boastful as any chicken and M was delighted with it. There was long health in the triumphant call, without despair of lack of courage. A call as young as bleating of a lamb, as strapping happy with laughtere as playfull boy. Caw of the rickyard. Call of a day's morning.

    Two brown cheickn eggs cosy the bottom part of the dark red bracken. They were lovely in the coziness of the nest

    go fóillstill, yet
    go fóilleach
    tugadhwas given, was taken; was cared forpast aut
    airecare; attention
    réiteachleveled, smoothed, ready, put in order, prepared
    dhárof us [?]
    agallachcaw, cawing
    fógairtCall; proclamation, declaration, announcementf
    breith uibhelaying of an egg
    Scairtshout, callpast hab, past aut scairteadh
    teannstrength, forcem
    blaoch = glaochcall, calling, shoutingm
    gaisciúilboastful, valiant
    aoibhinnDelightful, blissful
    easpaLack, want; loss, absence; deficiency, defect
    misneachcouragem gs misnigh
    méileach(Act of) bleating, bleat [of sheep, lamb]f
    uanlambm gs uain
    scafántaStrapping, tall and vigorous
    ábhailleachPlayful, mischievous
    agallachcaw, cawing
    iothlainnHaggard, rickyard (part of a farm in which hay or fodder is ricked or stacked)
    Dhá ubh donnatwo brown eggs
    teolaíWarm, cosy, comfortable
    íochtarLower part, bottom
    hub, shaft, top
    dúruaDark red, chestnut
    raithneachfern, brackenf gs raithní
    séidblow [wind], swell
    nuabheirthenew-born; new-laid [egg]
    gleoiteNeat, pretty; lovely, charming, delightful
    seascaireachtcoziness, snugness
    neadnestf var gs nid

  • A chicken sitting laying better than having lots of chickens standing.

    There was never an end of the beauty to be found in eggs in nest, thought M. But certainly when the nest aw hidden. A jump of joy as was often the case. Forever it was a birth of knowledge they gave her. These eggs were clever artistic inside from bad weather and uncomfortable downpours; top of the white snow on the bracken but the laying was meeter of lying again in beautiful warmth and comfprt

    The took out the swollen and and left the fresh one.

    The swaggering rooster was scraping grabage on the floor of the pen of the horse cart. Giving warning and threats between times. Digging. Looking. His high red comb sloping and shaking.

    go deoforever, always, neverdeireadh go deo "never...the end of ..."
    áilleacht Beauty, loveliness
    áirid = áirithecertainty
    i bhfolachin hiding, hidden
    preabstart, spring, jump
    áthasjoy, gladnessm gs áthais
    ba chuma cé go minicas was often similar/as was often the case
    De shíorforever, constantly
    thugadarthey gave/took
    ealaíontaartistic, skilful; graceful, elegant; Artful, tricky
    síon[bad] weatherf pl ssíonta
    stealladhoutpouring, downpour
    raithneachfern, bracken
    ábharmatter, material
    cluthaireachtshelter, warmth, comfortf
    sámhpeace, tranquility/peaceful, tranquil
    séidblow [wind], swell, rot
    fágleaved'fhágann ?
    úirefreshness, newness
    coileachcock, roosterm
    mustarach = mustrachOstentatious, vain, pompous; swaggering, arrogant
    cróEnclosure; fold, pen, outbuildingm
    carr cappailhorse cart
    rabhadhWarning, forewarningm
    tóchdig, root/digging, rooting
    cíorcomb [of rooster]
    claoninclined, sloping, slanting

  • God forever with her people getting accustomed to the horse card, to the iron plow and the barrow. That was a remnant of old times. Rotting and wandering now

    She took care of herself. Responsibility/caution. Without an excess of worry coming on her. The blood of Flaherty in the hillock was healthey

    What would happen when she would be gone? Who would buy her land? The Flaherty land.

    A turn of the wheel would yet come. It was happening already in many places. Lonely places in out-of-the way localities were missing people now. Now here one would be buy a piece of ground and would build two spacious houses Grand houses, big windows. Cars and garages with them. First good-bye to the old people!

    go deoforever, always, neverdeireadh go deo "never...the end of ..."
    cleachtbecoming accustomed to, doing habitually
    brácabrake, barrow
    iarsmaRemainder, remnantpl iarsmaí
    seanuaireold times
    lobhadhrot, decaym
    fánStraying, wandering, vagrancym
    tugadhwas given, was taken; was cared forpast aut
    airecare; attention
    cúram Care, responsibilitym
    imníAnxiety, concernf
    tulachLow hill; hillock, moundf gs tulaí
    go fóillstill, yet
    go fóilleach
    goidé = cad é
    Goidé a tharlódh nuair a bheadh sise imithe?What would happen when she would be gone?
    Cé cheannódh a cuid talúna?Who would buy her land?talún is usual gs
    thiocfadhwould come
    casadhtwist, turnm
    fósstill yet
    tarlúincident, occurencem
    aistreánOut-of-the-way placem
    uaidhfrom him/it
    cheannófaíone would buycond aut
    láithreánPiece of ground; place, site
    tógáil,Lifting, raising; takingf
    fairsingWide, extensive; ample, spacious
    galántaGallant, fine; grand, beautiful
    Gluaisteáin 'gus garáistí lena gcurPut cars and garages with themlena [?]
    seandreamold people, old crowd
    Céad slán leis an seandream!First good-bye to the old people!
    Nárbh é an mí-ádhWas it not bad luck
    dhéanfaíone would make/docond aut
    scriosdestruction, ruin

  • Was it not bad luck to make destruction on the memory of the old people of the land. After that ??? good deed. Let them be long forgotten what would be done. Not the great sin!

    She looked to the northeast. Blind (Blaocked by) hillsides. On the other side of the hills was a village, from which came a big road, from which came her own country lane. Snow, Snow.

    Strangers were not known on the country lane now. without a trace of a car, feet or anything else on it. She would recongnize the [revier, lake] banks and the bramble. The two gullies and the ridge under only a cloak now. Cars of fishermen in the summer and fowlers.

    fóintUsefulness, utility
    fóintiúil = fóinteachPractical, helpful
    gníomh fóintiúilgood deed
    Iad a ligean i ndearmadlet them be forgotten
    dhéanfaíone would make/docond aut
    Nár mhór an peaca!Not a big sin!
    soir ó thuaidhto the northeast
    leitirhillsidef gs leitrach
    thallover, beyond
    bóithríncountry lane
    aithinrecognizecond aithneodh
    strainséirstrangerm gs strainséara [WHy gs?]
    lorgmark, track, tracem
    cosfoot, legf gs coise
    nó eile airor else?
    bruachbank [river], brinkm gs npl bruacha. Why é?
    corrsceachodd/occasional thorn-bush/bramble
    claisgully, dish, trench
    faoin aon bhrat anoisunder only a cloak now

  • M lit the 12 candles for this 12th night as [well as] on any year. The little candles were in diverse colors: One yellow, one read, one green, and one blue

    On the very same old stick. The stick on a door-bar and the broken stick in the roasted potatoes they were put standing. On the same kitchen table back of the closed windows was laid the wood. Front of the kitchen on the lane.

    Board of the age of her husband when he died. Roughly the age of her father and her mother. Not long-lived at any person now to her people than herself in the mainp pasrt long lived. He [her husband] had 12 years on her when he died in a clearance

    She counted the years from then: eleven, ten, nine ... one.

    Las Máire an dá choinneal déag an Oíche Chinn chomh maith le bliain ar bith. M lit the 12 candles for this 12th night as [well as] on any year.
    éagsúildifferent, various, diverse
    maideStick, bar, beam; woodm
    ceannann céannaself-same, very same
    maide éamainndoor-bar
    briseadhbreakvn os bris
    fataí bruite = prataí bruiteroasted potatoes
    a cuireadh in seasamh iadwere put standing up
    iataclosed, shut
    leagknock down, lower, lay,setpast aut leagadh
    bóithríncountry lane
    Aghaidh na cisteaní are an mbóithrín.Front of the kitchen on the lane.
    bordáilboardv [noun here?]
    ar aon aois lena fear nuair a fuair sé básof the same age as her husband when he died
    from her(here)
    bunáitemain part, majority
    gortghlanadhClearance (of field); weedingm
    comhairigh = comhaircountv

  • A rope of paper from the fire was the manner of match she had. A clumsy mode she alway considered and desired a way not neater because a very-pressing custom to light the candles ought to be very careful. It was proper to make them long to light an any component ..same second.. not possible that other observance. Only a certain amount of a whiff of wind.... The candle was soon extinguished who it was ... was sooner deand

    In the same way every year M put names of the candles on scraps of paper. Her own name, name of her husband, her daughters, her brothers and sisters, plus names of her father and her mother. All except for her self in heaven. [lit. "on the way of truth."

    súgánstraw-rope, ropem
    modhmode, mannerm
    liopastauntidy, clumsy
    measEstimate, value, judge; deem, considerv also n
    santaighcover, desire
    araeFor, because; however
    gnásassociation; companionship, company; Custom, usage.
    práinneachUrgent, exigent; pressing, pressed
    dlighBe entitled to, have a right to, deserve, merit; ought to
    cúramCare, responsibility
    cóirJust, proper; decentcomp córa
    ballcomponent part; organ; member
    comhlíonadhulfilment; Performance, observance; Completion.
    puthpuff, whiff
    seachasBesides, other than, rather than; compared to
    araeFor, because; however
    beathalifef gs beatha
    tástáiltaste, sample; test
    saollifegs saoil
    luaithequicker, faster
    múchsmoother, extinguish
    an téthe person who
    túiscesooner, rather, first
    fearachtLike, as, in the manner of
    breacthaspeckled, dappled
    blúirebit, fragmentm pl blúirí
    breactha ar bhlúirí páipéirwritten on scraps of paperlit. "spotted [by ink] on scraps of paper"
    ainmneacha a céileher spouse's name
    iníondaughterf gs iníne
    móidemore, plus
    cés = cé is
    Cé is moiteexcept for

  • Hercandle that was the last to extinguish every year and that was obscure to M. No hint of a permission to [believer]. But something was winking there she believed.

    She sat down back of the meeting fire as she did on 12th Night in order to watch the [race of the] candles. For hours or like that. The black wicks flames leaning in a wing-dance for a while. The snuff of their consumption, drops of it would run on the side of the candle between times, ... hardening back in its snuff again. A sharp race to the end of the span of life. Last gasp ending

    In the short time she was staring at it, looking in her mind on the white snow. On flakes falling gently. The land under a cloak. Thin silence in the air. Healthy air.

    B'í a coinnealher candle
    múchsmother, extinguish
    diamhairdark, obscure
    leidHint, inkling; prompt; pointer, cluef gs leide
    dála = dáilMeeting; tryst, encounter; matter, cicumstances
    D’fhonnith a view to, in order to
    Ar feadh uaire nó mar sinfor hours or like that
    buaiceaswickm gs npl buaicis
    lasairflamef pl lasracha
    claonadhinclining, tending
    eitdhamhsawing dance
    scaitheamhSpace of time, while, spell, periodm pl scaithí
    smugasnuff [of candle]
    ídiúconsumption, wearing out
    braondropm pl braonta
    ritheadhwas runpast aut of rith
    coimhlintRace, contest; rivalry, competitionf
    moon, span of life
    achardistance, journey
    uaithifrom heró
    calógflakef npl calóga
    míonlagentle, mild
    séimhthin, smooth, slender
    ciúinCalm, silent, still
    folláinHealthy; wholesome, sound

  • There was a fair young woman at the entrance of the country lane. Tall with long slender hands. Fine mane of long black hair to the back. Long cloak to the heels.

    Together with a black-haired young man. Tall slender young man. Raised. He was bowing his hat to the woman, who was quickly turning to him with her cloak flowing around her, getting a grip on her with his hands. She was looking in the eyes of the young man, catching little kisses together. Loving, slowly, they were without much attention for anything else.

    M sensed tranquility. Light and love and youth. Hope. Beauty

    The young coupe was walking in her direction, but they would never get to her. Her head leaned back allowed a little effort with ..., Wasn't it fine! Wasn't it fine! Wasn't itfine! They would marry, they would make a life together. They would breed.

    béalmouth, opening entrance, edge
    ceathrúquarter, fourth
    le lámha leabharawith long slender hands
    Moingmanefgo ???
    fallaingmantle, cloak
    sáilheelf npl sála
    teanntadifficulty; prop, support; together with
    crochtaHung, hanged; hanging; raised
    sciobthafast, rapid, prompt= scioptha ??
    fallaingmantle, cloak
    scuabachSweeping, flowing
    póigínlittle kiss???
    grámharLoving, tender, affectionate
    ar bogshiúlat an easy pace
    airighPerceive, sense
    sáimhePeacefulness, tranquillity
    loinnirLight, brightness; brilliance, radiance
    dóchasHope; expectation, trust
    áilleachtBeauty, loveliness
    deamhandevil; (negation)
    tíocht = teacht [?]coming
    ní ba chóngaraínot convenient
    cloigeannhead, skullm
    claontainclined, sloped, prejudiced
    siarto the west, to the back
    ligteallowed, permitted
    iarrachtAttempt, effort; turn; time, bit (adv)
    uchtChest; breast, bosomm
    phósfaidísthey would marrycond
    síolraighbreed, propogate3rd pers pl cond shíolróidís

  • It got her attention that the candles were running out. They would begin to die moments from now. They would die suddenly if snuffed out standing

    All were dead except her candle. Hers was alwayes in wretched condition. Wasted away, shrunken. Without strength Its wick fell on the board but did not go out. Kept getting lkfe from the exhaused wax bits on its base. The wax bits would wear out but the flame burned a gap in the table. A little black pit.

    The sky changed. Grayness and frost put on heavily. THe thousands of stars in merriment under the leadership of mistress Moon. Light. Strength. Virtue. Purity.

    Baineadh a hairdIt got her attention
    dul i ndíscwere running out
    Bheidísthey would becond
    feastaFrom now on, hencefort
    ar bith feastaany time now
    Gheobhadhwould get
    obann = tobannsudden, unexpected
    múchsmother, extinguish
    seasamhstandingas a seasamh "down"
    Bhíodarthey were
    ach a coinneal siseexcept for her candle
    anróhardship; wretched condition
    snoitewasted away, thinned
    gusForce, vigour; resource, enterprise; spirit
    buaiceaswickm gs npl buaicis
    smugasnuff [of candle]
    ídighUse, use up, wear out, consumepast habídíodh
    lasairflamef pl lasracha
    eanggap, nickf gs eanga
    logánLittle hollow; pit, depressionpit
    athraighchange, alter
    léithegrayness, grayer
    tréanStrong, powerful; intense, violent
    réaltastarf gs réaltaréaltaí
    Note singular here
    meidhirMirth, merriment, gaiety; friskiness, sportivenessf
    ceannasHeadship, sovereignty; Authority, command
    máistreásmistressf gs máistreása
    gealachmoongs gealaí
    brístrength, vigor
    suáilceasvirtuousness; Pleasantness, happiness, contentmentm
    geanmnaíocht Chastity, purityf

  • M sensed that there were eyes watching through her window........gradually came out of the fog. Eyes of an old woman....As red as blood. They were standing without blinking on the plane of glass. Hanging in the center of the glass peering inside. Peering at her, without a head, body, or anything else

    airighPerceive, sense
    tobainneSuddenness, unexpectedness
    cliseadhjump, start
    aistifrom heras
    araeFor, because; however
    facthasone sawpast dep aut of feic
    thángadarthey came
    sáchWell-fed personm
    sáchFull, sated, satisfied; sufficiently, enougha
    logallsocket, pitm gs npl logaill
    uafásachHorrible, terrible
    Sheasadarthey stood
    crochtaHung, hanged; hanging; raised

  • </td>

    They were the eyes of her grandmother she recognized. Sixty years a go.

    They were the eyes of her mother. Thirty years ago. They were her own eyes.

    She leaned back. Her candle without strength. Tha black gap had grown bigger to ... the flme of the scrap of paper ... M written on it. It was burned then. Without pageant or lamentation rose a tiny light hut of smoke as an end.

    leathhalfds leith
    claon Incline; Slope, slant
    éitirstrength, vigor
    méadaighIncrease, multiply; enlarge, augment; grow bigger
    eanggap, nickf gs eanga
    lasairflamef pl lasracha
    blúirebit, fragmentm pl blúirí
    dóighburnpast aut dódh
    tóstalAssembly, muster, array; Pageant
    éagaoineadhMoaning, lamentation
    púiríncote; hut, hovel; Kiln flue
    éadromlight (weight)a
    íos-Least, minimum
    deatachsmokem gs deataigh

Notaí Scéil
Cheannaigh mé an cnaipe seo ar an idirlíon
Tá céad seasca líne ocht ann.
Líne amháin le haghaidh gach bliain ó mhíle ocht gcéad agus caoga go dtí an bhliain seo caite
tá míle ocht gcéad agus caoga ar an mbarr
Tá dhá mhíle agus seacht gcinn déag ag barr
Léiríonn gach líne meán-theocht na Domhain sa bhliain sin
Léiríonn línte gorm bliain níos fuaire.
Léiríonn línte dearga blianta níos teo.
Tá go leor línte dearga in aice leis an mbun.
líonra ríomhaire baile
Fuair mo ródaire bás deich lá ó shin
Ní raibh aon idirlíon againn sa bhaile. Fadhb mór.
Thiomáin mé go MicroCenter, siopa ríomhairí mór i SLP
Shíl mé gurb é an siopa is fearr é
Tá sé ar an taobh eile Minneapolis as mo theach.
Throid mé in aghaidh MNDOT trasna an bhaile
Bhí ródaire ASUS ar díol
Shíl mé gur comlacht mhaith é ASUS.
D'oibrigh an sean-ródaire go maith le blianta agus bhí sé ó ASUS
Cheannaigh mé é agus thiomáin mé abhaile
Níos mó trioblóide le trácht
D'iarracht mé an ródaire a chur ar bun sa bhaile
Bhí an chuma air a bheith ag obair ar feadh nóiméad, ach theip air
D'iarracht mé arís
scéal céanna. agus arís
Chuir mé glaoc ar tacaíocht theicniúil
D'iarr an duine orm go leor ceisteanna amaideach orm.
An ndearna tú é seo? Rinne mé. An ndearna tú é sin? Rinne mé. Ar athbhútáil tú an ródaire? Rinne mé.
Ar deireadh, tar éis uair an chloig ar an bhfón, bhí an ródaire ag obair
Chríochnaigh mé an glaoch.
Dhá nóiméad ina dhiaidh sin theip ar an ródaire.
Ba é seo an deireadh
Chaith mé an ródaire seo a thabhairt ar ais ródaire eile a a cheannach
Bhí sé anois ceithre a chlog
Bheadh sé craicealte a thiomáint chuig SLP ag an am sin
Cheannaigh mé ródaire eile ag BB in R
Thug mé an chéad ródaire ar ais go MC an mhaidin dár gcionn
Rinne Linksys, comlachta dhifriúil an ródaire ó BB.
Ar dtús, bhí gach rud go maith
Ansin chonaic muid fadhbanna.
D'oibrigh Wifi le haghaidh roinnt rudaí éigin, ach ní rudaí eile.
bhí ríomhairí go maith. táibléid go maith, rudaí Nintendo go maith
ní raibh iPad ag obair
ní raibh fóin chliste, iPhone agus Android ag obair
Tá rudaí idirlín go leor inár dteach
tacaíocht theicniúil eile
An ndearna tú é seo? Rinne mé. An ndearna tú é sin? Rinne mé. Ar athbhútáil tú an ródaire? Rinne mé.
Bhí Mia agus mé ag labhairt le tacaíocht theicniúil as dhá comhlachta éagsúla
Bhí muid "on hold" ar feadh tamaill
D'fhéach mé timpeall agus chonaic mé "wifi range extender" d'aois a d'úsáid mé blianta ó shin le sean-ródaire eile.
Bhí smaoineamh craiceáilte orm
Chuir mé é isteach sa leictreachas
soilse uaine
Ansin dúirt mo mhac is óige go raibh a iPad agus iPhone ag obair
dúirt mo mhac is sine go raibh a fhón Android ag obair
Bhí fón Android Mia ag obair ina dhiaidh sin.
bhí gach rud ag obair arís
Ní thuigim fós an fáth gur shocraigh an rud seo an fhadhb
Ba Voodoo é.


Johana: Scéalín do chomhrá -greannmhar sasta

Chuaigh mé amach san oíche ar feadh de de-haoine.. Leag mé abhaile ar maidin de sathairn. seo í an chuís

leagknock down; lower; lay, set
cúisreason, matter

Is aisteoir í duine atá aithne agam. fuair mé cureadh go  bh-freastal ar  phremiére a scannán sa gcathair, San Francisco,  areir. Is dóigh liom go bhfuil an príomh ról aice sa scannán. chuaigh an scannán, ceistanna  agus freagraí , deoch ina dhiaidh sin, go maith.

Is dóigh liom go ... I am of the opinion that ...

tá an scannán  bunaithe  ar bh-fabhalscéal, Tristian agus Isolde.

fabhalscéallegendary story, fable

nuair a d'imigh liom as  bloc árasán, bhris an t-ardaitheoir amháin in aice leis an stáisiún traenach faoi thalamh. níor tharla sé a riamh. iompraíodh mé sios [anuas] staighre ag grupa na b bpaisinéirí is deise. . seo é an cás ag an Amharclann na Mainistreach i mbaile atha cliath agus an Dubliner tábhairne, St. Pól

iompraíodhwas carriedp aut
mainistirmonasteryf mainistreach

Sa deireadh oíche,  níor fhios agam má tá an t-ardaitheoir briste fós, nó ag feidhmiú ag an am sin.  Ní maith liom baol , nó seans nach bhfuil duine le cabrach ann. Chaith mé le teacht den traen ag  stáisiún níos luaithe inar bhfuil go leor \ ardaitheoirí iomadúla cúltaca  ann [got off where there were multiple elevators for back up]. Ansin, Shiúil mé trasna Berkeley sa mean-oíche sa Dorchadas, ar mbealach abhaile.  Bhí sé go brea.

feidhmiúfunctioning; operation, application

A dhiabhail, an-scéal agat. Bhriseadh na hardaitheoirí ar an 'el' go minic nuair a bhí Derin agus Dan i Siceagó. > > Ach is an-an-trom í do chathaoir! Caithfidh na daoine a chuidigh leat sách láidir.

sách láidirstrong enough

is dóigh liom gur bhac é ar an EL traen I siceagó, agus nuair a bhí deifre orthu, go hairithe. an bhfuaireadar teacs nuair a bhriseadh? B'fhéidir go tobainn, tuigim ar fad; Is fearr liom cathaoir rothaí lámhthiomáinte le thogail amach, níos éadroime. go maith Nuair a bhfuil rang/cruinniu eile ann?

is dóigh liomI think
bacbalk, hinder
nuair a bhí deifre orthuWhen I you weere in a hurry
tuigim ar fadI understand everything
éadromlight [weight]

athléim mo leagan ceilteach "Tristian agus Iseult", ina dhiaidh sin scannán 

Tá sé ag búirifigh mar an t-asalHe is braying like a donkeyboasting
Tags: irish, will's class
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